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Before using this statting simulator, ensure that you learn these statting skills (3 skills on the bottom) and level up to max level and Max your TECH stats to 255 point.

Resep status

Updated Skill tree level 4
updated: 1 Juli 2023 Lv cap 270
cs base pot
//----- Armor -----//
- Adventure Grab		(15)
  [baju Pengelana]

- Forest Wolf Garb		(19)
  [baju an**ng hutan]

- Jeremiah Mail			(36)
  [zirah Jeremiah]

- Lil Empress Garb		(38)
  [Baju Kaisar Wanita]

- Heaven Feather Garb	(41)
  [Jubah Bulu Surgawi]

- Bark Mail				(44)
  [Zirah Pepagan]

//----- Weapon -----//

- 5th Anniv Weapon VII	(46)
  [All type weapon]

- Vulture Shooter		(45)
  [Busur Vulture]

- Vulture Blade			(45)
  [Pedang Vulture]
Credit: Charlie Kobayashi


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